About Humble Rays

Once again, Chef Sutinee is working her magic in the kitchen. By merging the flavours of sweet and savoury, she is bringing new and creative ideas to our breakfast table. Driven by the love of food and the arts, she is embarking on her new project Humble Rays based in Melbourne. Tinee has previously been a part of many successful projects with her 10+ years of experience. She has worked alongside the best, with the likes of Executive Chef Jason Camilo of the Grand Hyatt, Melbourne. Earlier in her career Tinee was ranked top apprentice in Victoria, also winning first place and receiving a gold medal for Victoria’s regional and state culinary competition in 2007. She is currently the head of the team at “Honey Badger Dessert Cafe” based in Hobart that has made the Salamanca Square Markets busier then ever. She has also been involved with “Tinee Eatery Work Shop” and “Sweeter Bangkok”, two of the most well known cafes in Bangkok.


As its name suggests, “Humble Rays” will be the café that we have all been looking for.  Located on the corner of Bouverie and Queensberry street, Humble Rays has it owns unique style. What makes Humble Rays stand out from the rest, is its focus on a fun-loving, unpretentious environment. The staff are hand picked for their playful and down to earth nature and will not be offended by your request for an almond milk matcha latte with organic turmeric on the side. The design of Humble Rays combines the calm and relaxing tones of eggshell blue and mint green with zany and cheerful patterns, forcing the most serious person to crack a smile.


By blending good quality local produce with a relaxing and fun-loving environment, Humble Rays will help you to get back in touch with your silly side. With dessert being a main focus you can order your childhood favourites served with a twist. Options such as waffles, pancakes and freshly baked cookies served on skillets will all be up for grabs alongside your classic savoury breakfast dishes. Humble Rays is truly the place to escape the hectic life of the city and sit back with a stack of pancakes.


Sutinee Sntivatana